How MCQ Buddy works?

If you are landed on this page, it means you want to know about how mcqbuddy works. We are going to assure you. After reading this article, you will have no doubt about mcqbuddy's working system. Before proceeding to the working principles, we want to tell you that Mcqbuddy is a platform for learning multiple choice questions of various examinations and various subjects. It is totally free. Only thing you need is an account.

What things Mcqbuddy is providing?

Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions are added by the users. So you can read MCQs which are added by other users. You have also previledge to add question. Which other students can learn.

Quiz Tests

By keeping the value of quiz test in mind, we developed quiz test in this platform. You can check your knowledge just by attempting quizzes. Quizzez are important for the view of examination because it can help students in learning MCQs quickly.

Test Series

You all will be aware of Mock Tests. And many of you have given mock test somewhere, You might have paid some money to take mock tests. But in mcqbuddy platform, it is totally free. No money is needed. Only thing needed is an account. Register here.


There are many questions in this platform. We have kept a feature to see the solution of difficult questions. How to see solution is given below.


We have made rank system in mcqbuddy, which shows the activeness and prepareness of a user. Rank is given to users based on their participation in mcqbuddy.

How to Register or create an account?

To create an account, go to Sign up page. Fill in all the details in the fields and click on "I am not a Robot". After that click on Sign Up button below. Your account will be created and you will be redirected to Login page.

How to Login?

If you have an account on mcqbuddy, Click on Login. Enter your username (username is case sensitive) and then enter your password. There is a check mark below the password. If you check this check box, it will keep you logged in. You will not need to enter username and password when visiting the website again.

How to add question?

To add a question, you should have an account on Mcqbuddy. If you have an account, login to your account using the username and password. Click on the Add question link available in the top menu bar.

When you will click on Add question link, you will see a format.

  • Fill the question in question field.
  • Fill all the four options in respective fields.
  • Choose the category or subject of question (Math, Reasoning etc.)
  • Choose the examinations in which this question may be asked.
  • Choose the correct anwer field of this questions and Click on Publish button.

If your question is added in this website you will see a message " Your questions has been added succesfully". If some error occures, You will see an error message.

You will get 5 points for adding question. These points will help you to increase your rank. What is rank?

How to learn MCQs?

To learn multiple choice questions, click on Mcq Feed link available in top Navigation Bar. You will see all the multiple choices.

If you want to learn questions of a particular subject. Select that subject from the choose subject menu. You will see questions of that subject only.

If you want to learn questions of a particular examination. Select that exam from the choose examination menu. You will see questions of that examination only.

How to check solution?

Solution of every question is available below the question. To see the solution click on "show answer" or question itself. It will redirect you to the next page where Correct Option and Solution is available. To see the solution click on "Solution" button below the correct option.

If solution of that question is available, it will show you solution. If solution is not available, it will show you notification to add solution. If solution is available then it will show you solution with the name of user who has given this solution. (You will get 3 points for adding solution).

How to solve quiz?

Quiz is good practice for learing multiple choice questions. To solve the quiz, Click on quiz link available in the top Navigation Menu. You will see a page to create a quiz of your own choice.

Select examination, subject and number of questions. Click on the create button. Your quiz is created. Questions will be appeared one by one. Each question will have four options where only one option is correct. Choose the correct option and wait till it shows you the status of questions whether it is correct or incorrect.

Click on Next button to solve the next question. Solve all the questions till the last question appears. Quiz shows result on the spot so it will not tell you how many questions you have done wrong or corrrect. For this we have created Mock Test.

How to take Test Series?

For test series, click on Test Series link available in the top navigation menu. A page will open just like quiz. You will see information about what is test series. We have introduced three type of test series in this platform. First one is Subject wise test series, second one is Exam wise test series and third one is subject and exam wise test series. User can attempt as many test series as they want. When user creates test series of any subject or examination he will see multiple choice questions of that selected subject or examination. User will select one option out of four option till the last question. Now click on Finish button to submit your test. On the next page, you will see your result. How many questions are correct. How many questions are incorrect and many more.

What is dashboard?

Dashboard is user area. User will be able to see his profile details like username, email, about, rank, total points, and much more. User can also Change name, username, password, security question from the dashboard menu.

  • User can see how many questions he has added?
  • User can see all the questions just by clicking the "My Questions" link.
  • User can edit or delete questions added by him.
  • User can edit or delete his comments on any question
  • User can set security question which will help to reset password when forgotton.
  • User can Change name, username, password, security question, mobile number at any time.

What is notification?

Notification feature gives you notification when any user like or comment on your question. It gives you notification of comment reply as well. Notification will let you know how other users are interacting with your questions.

What is Rank?

Rank is the position of a user. It is shown below the name of user. Ranks show how much a user is acitve on mcqbuddy. Ranks are given as per user's activities. Know more about rank.

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