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What is Karewas

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In the valley of Kashmir, the lake deposits comprise thick deposits of glacial clay and other materials embedded with maintaining, These deposits occur in the valleys within the Himalayan mountain where there was once glacial action and deposition of Morain.

Explain Doab with examples

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The plain formed between two rivers is known as Doab. It separates two rivers but maintains its uniform character over the whole area. In Punjab, Doabs maintain the physical characteristics of the Punjab plain.

Best Jalandhar Doab
Bari Doab
Chaz Doab
Sind Sagar Doab

What is Bhangar

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The south of Terai is a belt consisting of old and new alluvial deposits known as Bhangar. These areas stand above the level of floodwater and the flood plains. This land is made up of clay pebbles and gravel. In Gangetic plains, these alluvial lands have been formed by the deposition of sandbars by

Difference between northern mountain and peninsula

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The northern mountains are young, weak, and flexible and have suffered from folding and deformation. The peninsula contains mostly residual mountains. Here, the river valley is shallow having low gradients. On the other hand, the Himalayas mountains are tectonic and rivers are torrential. The format

Important Date of June month

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Date	Day
June 01-	International Children’s Day
June 04-	International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
June 05-	World Environment Day
June 06-	National Day (Sweden)
June 08-	World Brain Tumour Day
June 10-	National Day (Portugal)
June 12-	World Day against Child Labour
June 1

What are tills

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Glacial deposits consists of clay, silt, sand and rocks of various sizes. Such materials deposited directly by the glacier are known as tills. till is deposited as glacial ice melts and drops its load of rock mountains.