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Economy of Gupta and Vakataka Age

By Pradeep Sikarwar on 25 Jul 21 | Filed under: History Ancient History Gupta Empire
# In the Gupta period, there was a rise in land taxes but a depreciation in trade and commerce taxes (shulka or tolls).
        -The land grants to the Brahmanas led to the conversion of vast areas of virgin land into cultivable land.
        -The king collected taxes varying from 1/4th to 1/6th o  ......

Rulers of Gupta Empire

By Shyam Dubey on 24 Jun 21 | Filed under: History Gupta Empire
These are the rulers of Gupta Empire. 
1. Sri Gupta	
# Founder of Gupta Dynasty
# Reign from 240 CE to 280 CE
# Used the title of ‘Maharaja‘

2. Ghatotkacha	
# Son of Sri Gupta
# Took the title of ‘Maharaja‘

3. Chandragupta I	
# Reigned from 319 CE to 335/336 CE
# Started the Gu  ......