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How many Vernas were there in Vedic Age

By Jitendra Singh on 02 Mar 22 | Filed under: History Vedic Period Ancient History
There were numerous different groups in society at the Vedic Period — clergies and soldiers, agriculturalists, herders, merchants, and laborers. Some clergies and soldiers were rich, as were some peasants and merchants. Others, including many herders, crafts persons, laborers, fishing folk and hun  ......

Describe Yajurveda

By Priyanka Tomar on 12 Jul 21 | Filed under: History Vedic Period
“Yajus” means worship, and “Veda” means knowledge, so Yajur Veda is devoted to the worship of the Gods. It primarily contains prose mantras for worship rituals. It describes the way to perform religious rituals as well as sacred ceremonies.

In simple terms, Yajurveda can be understood as   ......