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Hey guys,
As you know this universe is creation of God. And He has created it very nicely. He gave us forests, Rivers, seas, waterfalls and many more things. 

He created several creatures like animals, water bodies, trees, and the most important creature HUMAN. all things are working well as it was working earlier. And I hope they will work in same way. 

Human has powerful mind. He has created so many things in this world like different foods, transportation, building and many more. Human works day and night to make this world more beautiful. He has been working for centuries and will work for centuries. 

Some humans are not human they are SETAN. They destroy humans, creatures, their things, villages and even countries. 
Can't they live with peace? Can't they see other humans happy? Can't they help others in getting life easier? 

Ofcourse yes!!!! 

But why they don't do that? Why they try to harm other humans? 

I think one should not do this type of activities. We should help each other. We should find new ways to make our life happy. There should not be any place for war, crimes, theft and jealousy. 

God becomes sad when he see that His creation is getting destroyed. He felt disappointed after seeing that humans are killing their human brothers. One country is trying to acquire another country. Why????? 

You have only one life. And you should not get it ruined by such cheap thoughts. 

I have more to tell you but I think it's enough to make you agree on what I want to say. 

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