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Praveen Singh updated solution of these english language mcqs.

Q. Which of the following constitutional Amendment is known as "Mini constitution"

Q. Fill in the blanks There was a serious _____ between the two brothers.

Q. Find the error part: I succeeded persuading him (A) / to come with me (B) / only after hours of arg

Q. Find the error part: If you permit me to speak the truth (A) / I shall state without hesitation (B)

Q. Synonym of RECEPTACLE

Q. If the difference between three times and seven times of a number is equal to 36, what will be the n

Q. Suppose there is a number 'n'. When 'n' is divided by 5, the remainder will be 2. What will be the r

Q. Suppose a number 381A is divisible by 9, then what is the value of A?

Q. Which of the following is largest among others?

Q. Which is the largest 4-digit number that can be exactly divisible by 66?

Q. Which of the following is completely divisible by 45?

Q. Which of the following number is divisible by 9?

Q. The sum of odd numbers upto 240 is -

Q. Digit 1 is occurring 136 times on writing all of the page numbers of a book. What will be the number

Q. Every rational number is a -

Q. Complete the series: 3, 10, 101, ?

Q. Complete the series? 2+1=5 3+2=11 4+3=19 5+4=?