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Shivam updated solution of these Programming language mcqs.

Q. In order to start the transaction, the command used is

Q. To get the table's previous permanent status, use the ____ command

Q. A single unit of work for all commands executed consecutively is known as

Q. Which of the following is/are transaction control commands in SQL?

Q. The character(s) which are used independently or in conjunction with SQL Like Operator:

Q. SQL Like is NOT used with which of the following statement(s)?

Q. In SQL, Like is a ____ operator.

Q. Which keyword is used in SQL Server to implement the auto increment?

Q. Which of the following is the feature(s) of SQL Auto Increment?

Q. Which of the following is TRUE about SQL Auto Increment?

Q. Constructors are functions that return a new object as its value.

Q. Pragmas are processed at ___________

Q. SQL keywords are not case-sensitive.

Q. In PL/SQL, a warning or error condition is called an exception.

Q. Arrays in other languages become varrays in PL/SQL.

Q. How many attributes does every explicit cursor and cursor variable have?

Q. PL/SQL packages are schema objects that group logically related PL/SQL types, variables and subprograms.

Q. Which Package lets you use database triggers to alert an application when specific database values change?

Q. WRAP command is used to encrypt a PL/SQL application.

Q. Which Exception is also known as Oracle named exception handler?