8086 Microprocessor

Q 1. interrupted program

(A) forward
(B) return
(C) data
(D) line

Q 2. ________ is used to write into memory

(A) rd
(B) wr
(C) rd / wr
(D) clk

Q 3. Signal

(A) ur signal
(B) vcc
(C) aie
(D) ground

Q 4. The LES copies to words from memory to register and __________

(A) ds
(B) cs
(C) es
(D) ds

Q 5. Instruction providing both segment base and offset address are called _____

(A) below type .
(B) far type
(C) low type
(D) high type

Q 6. The JS is called as ______

(A) jump the signed bit
(B) jump single bit
(C) jump simple bit
(D) jump signal it

Q 7. _________destination inverts each bit of destination

(A) not
(B) nor
(C) and
(D) or

Q 8. IMUL source is a signed _________

(A) multiplication
(B) addition
(C) subtraction
(D) division

Q 9. INC destination increments the content of destination by _______

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 30
(D) 41

Q 10. LDs copies to consecutive words from memory to register and ___________

(A) es
(B) ds
(C) ss
(D) cs