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(A) Database-record-fields-filebytes- bit
(B) Database-file-record-fieldsbit- bytes
(C) Database-records-filesbytes- fields-bit
(D) Database-file-record-fteldsbyte- bit
Correct Answer - Option(D)
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Data is organized in a data storage hierarchy of increasingly complex levels: bits, bytes, fields, records, files, and databases. Data are logically organized into: I Bits (characters) : a bit is the smallest unit of data representation (0 or 1); I Byte : a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of 8 bits; I Field : a field consists of a grouping of characters; I Record : record consists of fields, with each field describing an attribute of the entity; I File : a group of related records; I Database : anintegrated collection of logically related records or files

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