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How to validate Email in PHP?

By Yashika on 16 Apr 23 | Filed under: PHP
In this tutorial, we are going to see how to validate an email address in PHP. Validating an email address is an action required before submitting the form. It checks if the user has provided a valid email address. Here is the easiest and most effective way to validate an email address in PHP.filter

What are cookies? How to create cookies in PHP?

By Vishal Gupta on 04 Apr 23 | Filed under: PHP
A cookie is a small record that the server installs on the client’s computer. They store data about a user on the browser. It is used to identify a user and is embedded on the user’s computer when they request a particular page. Each time a similar PC asks for a page with a program, it will send

Best PHP Frameworks For Web Development

By Team MCQ Buddy on 14 Mar 23 | Filed under: PHP
Following are some Frameworks which uses PHP:1. Laravel2. Phalcon3. Fat-Free Framework4. CodeIgniter5. Laminas Project6. CakePHP7. FuelPHP8. Slim9. PHPixie10. Symfony11. Yii

Introduction to PHP Language

By Team MCQ Buddy on 14 Mar 23 | Filed under: PHP
PHP language stands for “PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor”The most widely-used, open-source, and script language. All PHP scripts are executed on the server. It can be run on different platforms like:WindowsLinuxUnixMac OS X etc.It is used for almost every server likeApache It also support

Find the largest number among 3 numbers in C++

By Tina Singh on 13 Mar 23 | Filed under: C++
We can use below C++ program to find out the largest number among three numbers.#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
    float First_Number, Second_Number, Third_Number;

    cout << "Enter three numbers: ";
    cin >>

Comments in SQL

By Vishal Gupta on 02 Mar 23 | Filed under: MySQL
A comment in any text which is ignored by the compiler and is not executed. It is used to convey some information to the user and used for documentation only, to describe the command's purpose in an application. Comments can be placed anywhere in the statement between any keywords, parameters or pun

Introduction to Structure Query Language (SQL)

By Vishal Gupta on 02 Mar 23 | Filed under: MySQL
SQL (Structure Query language) is a standard database language for creating, maintaining, manipulating, and destroying relational database. QueryA query is a request/question expressed in a formal way with intent to get some result .A 'SELECT is a query used for retrieval of data.Relational Dat

Vegetable names and their hindi names

By Physics Walla on 31 Dec 22 | Filed under: General Awareness
Sl No.Vegetable Name EnglishVegetable Name Hindi1Tomatoटमाटर (Tamatar)2Brinjalबैगन (Baigan)3Potatoआलू (Aaloo)4Turmericहल्दी (Haldi)5Green Chilliहरी मिर्च (Haree mirch)6Garlicलहशुन (Lahshun)7Radishमूली (Mooli)8Onionप्याज (P