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Hidkal Dam

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Raja Lakhamagouda dam, also known as Hidkal dam, is a dam constructed across the Ghataprabha River in the Krishna River basin. It is situated at Hidkal village in Hukkeri Taluk of Belagavi district in North Karnataka, India. The dam with the height of 62.48 metres and 10 Vertical Crest Gates, impoun  ......

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

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Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is considered one of largest dams built in the recent times in Asia. As the tallest masonry dam, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is also the pride of India. The project has catchment area of roughly 215000 The project also boasts of the largest canal system network in India .The might  ......

What are Normal Waves

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Normal waves
The horizontal and vertical motions are common in ocean water bodies.

The horizontal motion refers to the ocean currents and waves. The vertical motion refers to tides.

Water moves ahead from one place to another through ocean currents while the water in the normal wind-generated  ......

Water Erosion and its type

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Water Erosion

# Running water is one of the main agents, which carries away soil particles.

# Soil erosion by water occurs by means of raindrops, waves or ice.

# Erosion by water is termed differently according to the intensity and nature of erosion: raindrop erosion, sheet erosion, rill an  ......

Marine Cycle of Erosion

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Marine Cycle of Erosion
1. Youth

# The waves are very active.

# Sea caves, arches and stalks begin to develop.

# Cliff undercutting is pronounced and wavecut platform begins to emerge due to wave erosion.

# By the end of youth, an irregular coastline remains.

2. Maturity

# The cli  ......

Types of Marine Depositional Landforms

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Marine Depositional Landforms

1. Beach

# This is the temporary covering of rock debris on or along a wave-cut platform.

2. Bar

# Currents and tidal currents deposit rock debris and sand along the coast at a distance from the shoreline.

# The resultant landforms which remain submerged   ......

Types of Marine Erosional Landforms

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Marine Erosional Landforms

1. Chasms
# These are narrow, deep indentations (a deep recess or notch on the edge or surface of something) carved due to headward erosion (downcutting) through vertical planes of weakness in the rocks by wave action.

# With time, further headward erosion is hinder  ......

The Indian Ocean

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# Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world’s oceanic divisions.
# Smaller and less deep than the Atlantic Ocean.

Submarine ridges

# Submarine ridges in this ocean include the Lakshadweep-Chagos Ridge [Reunion Hotspot], the Socotra-Chagos Ridge, the Seychelles Ridge, the South Madagasc  ......

The Atlantic Ocean

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# The Atlantic is the second largest ocean after the Pacific.

# It is roughly half the size of the Pacific Ocean.

# It’s shape resembles the letter ‘S’.

# In terms of trade, it is the most significant of all oceans.

# It has prominent continental shelf with varying widths.

# The  ......

The Pacific Ocean

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# Largest and deepest ocean.
# Covers about one-third of the earth’s surface.
# Average depth is generally around 7,300 metres.
# Its shape is roughly triangular with its apex in the north at the Bering Strait.
# Many marginal seas, bays and gulfs occur along its boundaries.
# Nearly 20,000 i  ......