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What is Hydrosphere

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# The hydrosphere includes water on earth in Oceans, Seas, Rivers, Lakes and even in frozen forms.

# Only 2.5% of Earths water is freshwater. And even in this 2.5%; approximately 69% is in the form of snow and ice.

# 97.5% of Earths water is saltwater, which is unfit for human consumption.

The Sun it's atmosphere and internal structure

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The Sun

# Age: 4.6 billion years.
# Diameter: 1.39 million km.
# Temperature: 6000 °C on surface and 16 million °C in core.
# Density: 1.41 times that of water.
# Density of water = 999.97 kg/m³ = ~ 1 g/cm3;
# Density of Iron = 7870 kg/m³.

# That implies Iron is = 7.87 times denser th

Which gases are found in our Atmosphere

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# Nitrogen-is the most plentiful gas in the air.
Plants need nitrogen for their survival.
# Oxygen- is the second most abundant gas in the air.
# Humans and animals take oxygen from the air as they inhale.
# Carbon dioxide- is another most important gas.
# Green plants use carbon dioxide to mak

Structure of our Atmosphere

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Our atmosphere is divided into five layers starting from the earth’s surface.

# Troposphere - the most important layer of the atmosphere. Its average height is 13 km. The air we inhale exists here. Most weather phenomena like rainfall, hailstorm, etc. occur in this layer.
# Stratosphere- just 

Types of Clouds Geography

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Most clouds can be divided into groups (high/middle/low) based on the height of the cloud's base above the Earth's surface. Other clouds are grouped not by their height, but by their unique characteristics, such as forming alongside mountains (Lenticular clouds) or forming beneath existing clouds (M