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How can I top my class?

Filed under: Tips on 2022-04-14 10:40:10
In this post I will describe all about How to score good marks in Exams. This is what everyone wants to know about. All do well in Exams but only one is topper of the class, that time we feel ourselves downgraded though it is not like that. Everyone has potential to top the class, everyone has capac

What To Do After Intermediate

Filed under: Tips on 2022-04-14 10:38:23
In this post I will describe or will tell you about What To Do After Intermediate. This is the Question which Struck in the mind of all the boys and girls doing Intermediate, they find the solution over Internet but failed. Sometimes they may get but here I will describe the full for the students wh

10 Point to Make things remembered

Filed under: Tips on 2022-04-14 10:24:43
In this post I will tell you about the point on how to remember the things easily. It is a big problem for all of you that you forget learnt things after sometimes. It is because your way of learning the things is not good. So I will describe the most important points which will help you make the th

10 Most Important Points Remembered Before Appearing Any Exam

Filed under: Tips on 2022-04-14 10:21:39
In this post I will tell about the top 10 most important points which are to be remembered before appearing any exam. No one will tell you about these points. These are the basic thing to be known by every one. But you do these silly mistakes unknowingly or knowingly.
You might have noticed that wh

Top 10 Tips for better running in your physical examination

Filed under: Tips, Air Force on 2021-09-25 08:23:10
How many times have you gone out for a run and felt like your legs were made of concrete, or worse? Surprisingly, they might not feel so bad from something that you did as from something that you didn’t do. Treat your legs well between runs to gain more enjoyment from your workouts, increase perfo