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Types of Ocean Currents

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 Warm Ocean Currents:

# Those currents which flow from equatorial regions towards poles which have a higher surface temperature and are called warm current.
# They bring warm waters to the cold regions.
# They are usually observed on the east coast of the continents in the lower and middle lati

What are waves and tides

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# Waves are nothing but the oscillatory movements that result in the rise and fall of water surface.
# Waves are a kind of horizontal movements of the ocean water.
# They are actually the energy, not the water as such, which moves across the ocean surface.
# This energy for the waves is 

Factors responsible for the origin of Ocean Currents

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Ocean currents are continuous movements of water in the ocean that follow set paths, kind of rivers in the ocean. There are two distinct current systems in the ocean—surface circulation, which stirs a relatively thin upper layer of the sea, and deep circulation, which sweeps along the deep-sea flo