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Q. 31) Let the class of language accepted by finite state machine be L1 and the class of languages represented by regular expressions be L2 then

(A) L1
(B) L1>=L2
(C) L1 U L2 = .*
(D) L1=L2
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Q. 32) Which of the following statement is wrong?

(A) Any regular language has an equivalent context-free grammar.
(B) Some non-regular languages can’t be generated by any context-free grammar
(C) Intersection of context free language and a regular language is always context-free
(D) All languages can be generated by context- free grammar
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Q. 33) Grammar that produce more than one Parse tree for same sentence is:

(A) Ambiguous
(B) Unambiguous
(C) Complementation
(D) Concatenation
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Q. 34) The language accepted by a Push down Automata:

(A) Type 0
(B) Type 1
(C) Type 2
(D) Type 3
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Q. 35) The PDA is called non-deterministic PDA when there are more than one out going edges from……… state:

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Q. 36) Let L be a language defined over an alphabet ∑,then the language of strings , defined over ∑, not belonging to L denoted by LC or L. is called :

(A) Non regular language of L
(B) Complement of the language L
(C) None of the given
(D) All of above
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Q. 37) All NonNull words of the CFL can be generated by the corresponding CFG which is in CNF i.e the grammar in CNF will generate the same language except the:

(A) String
(B) Regular language
(C) Null string
(D) None of the above
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Q. 38) Let L={w (0 + 1)* w has even number of 1s}, i.e. L is the set of all bit strings with even number of 1s. Which one of the regular expression below represents L?

(A) (0*10*1)*
(B) 0*(10*10*)*
(C) 0*(10*1*)*0*
(D) 0*1(10*1)*10*
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Q. 39) Consider the following Finite State Automaton The language accepted by this automaton is given by the regular expression

(A) b*ab*ab*ab
(B) (a+b)*
(C) b*a(a+b)*
(D) b*ab*ab
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Q. 40) Let L1 be a recursive language. Let L2 and L3 be languages that are recursively enumerable but not recursive. Which of the following statements is not necessarily true?

(A) L2-L1 is recursively enumerable
(B) L1-L3 is recursively enumerable
(C) L2 intersection L1 is recursively enumerable
(D) L2 union L1 is recursively enumerable
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