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(A) Parantaka-I
(B) Rajaraja-I
(C) Rajendra-I
(D) Both B & C above
Correct Answer - Option(C)
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Rajendra Chola I or Rajendra I was a Chola emperor of South India (Present day Tamilnadu, Andhra pradesh, Kerala, Part of karnataka and Telangana) who succeeded his father Rajaraja Chola I to the throne in 1014 CE. He is considered as one of the greatest emperors of India. During his reign, he extended the influence of the Chola empire to the banks of the river Ganga in North India and across the Indian ocean to the West and South East Asia, making the Chola Empire one of the most powerful empires of India. Rajendra’s conquests included Sri Lanka, Maldives, and he successfully invaded the territories of Srivijaya in Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Indonesia in South East Asia. 

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