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Dear candidates you will find MCQ questions of JavaScript here. Learn these questions and prepare yourself for coming examinations and interviews. You can check the right answer of any question by clicking on any option or by clicking view answer button.
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(A) Super controlled loop constructs
(B) Case sensitivity check
(C) Validation constructs
(D) All of the mentioned

(A) Create linkage between client side and server side
(B) Permit server side, JavaScript code, to connect to RDBMS
(C) Support only non relational database
(D) To interpret JavaScript code

(A) head
(B) head and body
(C) title and head
(D) all of the mentioned

(A) will throw errors and exceptions
(B) must be restricted to a Unix Machine only
(C) will work perfectly well on a Windows Machine
(D) will be displayed as a JavaScript text on the browser

(A) make computations in HTML simpler
(B) minimize storage requirements on the web server
(C) increase the download time for the client
(D) none of the mentioned

(A) parse
(B) a sync
(C) defer
(D) type

(B) Triggering Event
(C) Preprocessor
(D) Function/Method

(A) directly into JS file and included into HTML
(B) directly on the server page
(C) directly into HTML pages
(D) all of the mentioned


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