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(A) To build predictive models
(B) To create visualizations
(C) To collect more data
(D) To understand the data's underlying structure and patterns

(A) A technique for assessing a model's performance on unseen data
(B) A method for finding optimal hyperparameters
(C) A type of ensemble learning method
(D) A way to preprocess data

(A) To reduce dimensionality
(B) To classify data into categories
(C) To perform regression analysis
(D) To group data points into clusters based on similarity

(A) Scatter plot
(B) Box plot
(C) Histogram
(D) Bar chart

(A) System Query Language
(B) Structured Query Language
(C) Structured Question Language
(D) System Query Language

(A) The normal distribution is asymmetric and peaked about its mode
(B) A constant times a normally distributed random variable is also normally distributed
(C) Sample means of normally distributed random variables are again normally distributed
(D) None of the mentioned

(A) True
(B) setsize(size)
(C) ---
(D) ---

(A) bufsize(size)
(B) The prediction interval must incorporate the variability in the data around the line
(C) setbufsize(size)
(D) all of the mentioned