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Dear candidates you will find MCQ questions of Bootstrap here. Learn these questions and prepare yourself for coming examinations and interviews. You can check the right answer of any question by clicking on any option or by clicking view answer button.
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Q. What is the button class to indicate danger

(A) .btn-info
(B) .btn-danger-button
(C) .btn-danger
(D) .btn-warning

Q. Bootstrap’s global default font-size is

(A) 10px
(B) 12px
(C) 13px
(D) 14px

Q. Which class should be used to indicate a button group?

(A) btn-group-buttons
(B) btn-group
(C) btn-grp
(D) btn-buttons

Q. Which class to be used to create a button as a link in bootstrap

(A) .btn-hyperlink
(B) .btn-link
(C) .btn-url
(D) .btn-anchor

Q. Inthe initial-scale=1 part sets

(A) To make zoom in Mobile only
(B) To make zoom in Desktop only
(C) initial zoom level when the page is first loaded by the browser
(D) None of these

Q. .btn-group class will make button group as

(A) Vertical
(B) Horizontal
(C) Menu
(D) Dropdown

Q. Which of the following class makes thumbnail image

(A) .img-tmbnail
(B) .img-thumbnail-image
(C) .img-thumb
(D) .img-thumbnail

Q. The Bootstrap grid system has four classes which defines screen size

(A) s, sm, mid, lg
(B) xs, sm, md, lg
(C) x, sm, md, lg
(D) xs, sml, mid, lg


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