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Dear candidates you will find MCQ questions of Bootstrap here. Learn these questions and prepare yourself for coming examinations and interviews. You can check the right answer of any question by clicking on any option or by clicking view answer button.
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(A) This component can optionally increase the size of headings and add a lot of margin for landing page content.
(B) To use the Jumbotron: Create a container <div> with the class of .jumbotron.
(C) Both of the above.
(D) None of the above.

(A) These are abstract object styles for building various types of components (like blog comments, Tweets, etc.) that feature a left-aligned or right-aligned image alongside the textual content.
(B) The goal of the media object is to make the code for developing these blocks of information drastically shorter.
(C) Both of the above.
(D) None of the above.

(A) It specifies static for a backdrop, if you don’t want the modal to be closed when the user clicks outside of the modal.
(B) It closes the modal when escape key is pressed; set to false to disable.
(C) It shows the modal when initialized.
(D) Using the jQuery .load method, injects content into the modal body. If anhref with a valid URL is added, it will load that content.

(A) Sets the default title value if the title attribute isn’t present.
(B) Defines how the popover is triggered.
(C) Defines default content value if data-content attribute isn’t present
(D) Delays showing and hiding the popover in ms.

(A) .dropdown-list
(B) .select
(C) .dropdown
(D) .anchor

(A) <ul class=”navigation-tabs”>
(B) <ul class=”nav tabs”>
(C) <ul class=”navnav-tabs”>
(D) <ul class=”navnav-navbar”>

(A) <nav class=”navnavbar”>
(B) <nav class=”navbar default-navbar”>
(C) <nav class=”navbar navbar-default”>
(D) <nav class=”navigationbarnavbar-default”>

(A) .navbar-default
(B) .navbar-black
(C) .navbar-dark
(D) .navbar-inverse


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