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Dear candidates you will find MCQ questions of Bootstrap here. Learn these questions and prepare yourself for coming examinations and interviews. You can check the right answer of any question by clicking on any option or by clicking view answer button.
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Q. Default size of H3 bootstrap heading

(A) 18px
(B) 30px
(C) 26px
(D) 24px

Q. In Bootstrap Small devices are defined as having a screen width from

(A) 512 pixels to 1024 pixels
(B) 256 pixels to 1024 pixels
(C) 700 pixels to 900 pixels
(D) 768 pixels to 991 pixels

Q. Which class creates list of items?

(A) lst-group
(B) list-group
(C) menu-group
(D) list-grp

Q. Bootstrap’s global default line-height

(A) 1.128
(B) 1.428
(C) 1.228
(D) 1.8

Q. Bootstrap is developed by

(A) James Gosling
(B) Mark Jukervich
(C) Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton
(D) None of them

Q. Bootstrap is a free front-end framework

(C) NA
(D) NA

Q. In Grid move columns to the right using

(A) .col-md-left-*
(B) .col-md-margin-*
(C) .col-md-offset-*
(D) none of these

Q. Which of the following is correct about bootstrap wells?

(A) You can change the size of well using the optional classes such as, well-lg or well-sm.
(B) well-lg or well-sm classes are used in conjunction with .well class.
(C) Both of the above.
(D) None of the above.


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