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Explain rand() function in PHP

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Hello guys, I am Pritvik Sharma. In this post, I am going to tell you what rand() function does in case of PHP. 

rand() function is inbuilt function in PHP which is used to generate a random integer. If you write rand() without its minimum and maximum value it will generate a random number from all possible integers. But if you want to generate a random number from given range, write this function with its minimum and maximum range.

For example


echo rand();


output of this program can be any integer number. like 65, 88, 2323 etc.

Use rand() function with minimum and maximum range

If you want to generate a random integer from the range given. See the below example


echo rand(100, 1000);  //this function will generate a random integer between 100 and 1000.


Output of this function will be some what like 666, 123, 987 etc. 

Hope you got this function. You can learn and practice PHP mcqs here.

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