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What are the benefits of CSS sprites?

Benefits of using CSS sprites areIt is a technique where one has a large image containing a set of small images. Those images can be broken down with the help of CSS to disintegrate into multiple images.It helps large images or pages to load faster hence, saving a lot of time. It cuts back HTTP requ  ......

What are the advantages of CSS?

There are a number of advantages of CSS,It gives lots of flexibility for setting the properties of the elementEasy maintenanceIt allows separation of content of the HTML document from the style and layout of the content basicallyLoading of pages at a faster paceCompatibility with multiple deviceIncr

What is CSS?

Cascading style sheets or CSS is a web designing language simple for HTML elements. The application is commonly known as XHTML. It is basically used to simplify the process and make the web page look presentable.