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What is Deranged Drainage Pattern

By Tina Singh on 03 Nov 21 | Filed under: Geography Earth
This is an uncoordinated pattern of drainage characteristic of a region recently vacated by an ice-sheet.

The picture is one of the numerous watercourses, lakes and marshes; some inter-connected and some in local drainage basins of their own.

This type of drainage is found in the glaciated val

Rocks and Minerals for UPSC

By Shyam Dubey on 24 Jun 21 | Filed under: Geography Earth
# The earth’s crust is made up of various types of rocks.

# Rock- Any natural mass of mineral matter that makes up the earth’s crust.

# There are three major types of rocks-
Igneous rocks-when the molten magma cools; it solidifies to become igneous rock.

# Sedimentary rocks- igneous ro  ......

Interior of Earth Geography

By Shyam Dubey on 24 Jun 21 | Filed under: Geography Earth
# The earth is made up of several concentric layers with one inside another.
# Crust – The uppermost layer over the earth’s surface.
# It is the thinnest of all the layers.
It is about 35 km. on the continental masses and only 5 km. on the ocean floors.
# The main mineral constituents of the  ......

Internal Structure of the Earth

By Harikesh on 08 Jun 21 | Filed under: Geography Earth
On the basis of seismic investigations, the earth can be divided into three major layers: crust, mantle, core.
Differentiation of layers of Earth

Crust: The outer superficial layer of the earth is called the "crust". In continental regions, the crust can be divided into two layers.
The upper la  ......