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What are western ghats | Indian Heritage

The Western Ghats, also known as the Sahyadri Hills, are well known for their rich and unique assemblage of flora and fauna. Norman Myers included the Western Ghats amongst the 25 biodiversity hot-spots identified in the world.

The Western Ghats extend from the Satpura Range in the north, go sout  ......

What is Igneous Rocks | Indian Geography

# It is formed out of magma and lava from the interior of the earth.

# They are also known as primary rocks.
When magma in its upward movement cools and turns into a solid form it is called igneous rock.

# The process of cooling and solidification can happen in the crust of the earth or on th  ......

Mountain Passes in Southern India

# Shencottah Gap:
 Madurai-Kottayam	It is located in the Western Ghats. It joins the Madurai city in Tamil Nadu with the Kottayam district in Kerala.
The second-largest gap in the Western Ghats which is situated five kilometers from town is known by its name that is Shencottah Gap road-rail lines   ......

Mountain Passes in Kashmir

# Banihal Pass (Jawahar Tunnel): Banihal with Qazigund
Banihal pass is a popular pass in Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated in the Pir- Panjal Range. It connects Banihal with Qazigund.

# Zoji La: Srinagar- 
Kargil & Leh	It connects Srinagar with Kargil and Leh. Beacon Force of Border Road Organi  ......

Mountain Passes in Uttarakhand for UPSC

Traill’s Pass- 
It is located in Uttarakhand. It is situated at the end of the Pindari glacier and connects the Pindari valley to Milam valley. This pass is very steep and rugged.

Lipu Lekh: 
Uttarakhand-Tibet	It is located in Uttarakhand. It connects Uttarakhand with Tibet. This pass is an i  ......

Mountain passes in India

Mountain pass is a connectivity route through the mountain run. It is a gateway to connect different parts of the country and also with neighbouring countries for different purposes. 
Some of the Important Mountain Passes India are:

Zoji La
Bara- Lacha Pass
Mana Pass
Shipki La
Jelep La

Na  ......