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Classes in Java

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In Object-Oriented Programming language, Classes and Objects are the essential building blocks. The “class” keyword is used to declare the class followed by a reference name.Syntax:class Car {//class body}Classes are known as the blueprint of object creation. Classes that are defined by the user

Type Casting in Java

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In Java, Type Casting is a process of converting a variable of one data type into another.Type casting can be categorized into two types:Implicit type castingExplicit type castingImplicit typecasting:It is known as widen or automatic type casting. The process to convert a small range data type varia

Primitive Data Types in java

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There are eight primitive data types that are supported in Java programming language. These are the fundamental and predefined datatypes of the programming language. Java determines the size of each primitive data type, it cannot be changed. Reserved keywords represent primitive data types.The primi

Understanding Variables in Java

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In Java, the variables can be declared to store data in the program for a specific time. In a programming language, few variations are there todeclare a variable. The following program will explain to declare and then initialize an int variable.public static void main(String[] args) {int data1;data1

Variable and Data Type in Java

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VariableVariables occupy the memory to store data for a particular time. Data Type A data type is used to identify the size and type of information stored in a variable. Data types help in memory management. It helps to assign thememory depending upon the type of data type. Most importantl

First Program in Java

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This Java program has been developed to display the text 'Hello Planet!' onthe console screen.// File-Name: Hello.javapublic class Hello {     public static void main(String[] args) {     // Displaying "Hello Planet!" on the console     System.out.println

what is JDK, JRE, Garbage Collector and Classpath in Java

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Java Development Kit (JDK): Overview: The JDK is a comprehensive package for Java development. It encompasses essential components like the compiler, Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Java debuggers, documentation, and more. To write, compile, and run Java programs, it's imperative to install the