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Ibrahim Lodi in Lodi Dynasty

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Ibrāhīm Lodī, (died April 21, 1526, Panipat [India]), last Afghan sultan of Delhi of the Lodī dynasty. He was a suspicious tyrant who increasingly alienated his nobles during his reign.
The son of Sikandar, Ibrāhīm succeeded to the throne on his father’s death (Nov. 21, 1517) and was quickl

Lodhi Dynasty Indian History

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Lodī dynasty, (1451–1526), last ruling family of the Delhi sultanate of India. The dynasty was of Afghan origin. The first Lodī ruler was Bahlūl Lodī (reigned 1451–89), the most powerful of the Punjab chiefs, who replaced the last king of the Sayyid dynasty in 1451. Bahlūl was a vigorous le