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Course and Consequences of Second World War

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Course of Second world War:

# World War II officially began on September 1, 1939.
# Germany conquered – Poland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and France.
# Battle of Britain – Germany vs Britain (air battle; German Air force =Luftwaffe).
# Battle of Stalingrad – Germany vs USSR. (Operation of Barbaressa (1941 = Attack on Yugoslavia and Greece; Russia countered attack on Moscow with Scorched Earth Policy).
# Atlantic Charter (August 1941) – Between Churchil (UK) and Roosevelt (USA).
# Pearl Harbor Attack (7th December 1941) – Japan on USA.
# Italy vs UK in Africa (1942) – Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, British Somaliland, Eritrea.
# France was conquered by Germany in 1940, but British and American troops liberated France in 1944.
# Atom bomb – Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Consequences of Second World War:

# End of colonialism and imperialism.
# End of dictatorship in Germany and Italy.
# Germany was divided into West Germany and East Germany. West Germany was controlled by Britain, France and USA. East Germany by USSR. 
# Strengthening of nationalist movements in Africa and Asia. (From Britain – India, Myanmar, Egypt, Sri Lanka; From America – Philippines; From France – Indo-China; From Dutch – Indonesia)
# 5 crore deaths (2.2 crore soldiers and 2.8 crore civilians)
# Economics problems – Unemployment, low growth etc.
# Emergence of two power blocks – USA and USSR. This resulted in cold war.
# Emergence of third world Countries.
# UNO was set up in 1945.
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