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Indo Greek Invasion

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The arrival of the Yavanas in India marked by their invasion on the western border of India.

Indo greek
After Alexander’s death, a large part of his empire came under the rule of his Generals.

Bactria and Parthia, the adjoining areas of Iran were two main areas under the rule of Alexander’s Generals.

Diodotus, the governor of Bactria, revolted in about 250 B.C. against the Greeks and proclaimed his independence.

Euthydemus, Demetrius, Eucratides, and Menander were some important Indo-Greek kings.

Menander, during the 165-145 B.C., was most illustrious among all the Indo-Greek rulers. His capital was Sakala (modern Sialkot) in Pakistan and he ruled for almost twenty years.

Greek writers mentioned that Menander was a great ruler and his territory extended from Afghanistan to Uttar Pradesh in east and Gujarat in the west.

Menander was converted to Buddhism by Buddhist monk Nagasena.

Menander asked many questions related to philosophy and Buddhism to Nagasena. They were recorded together with Nagasena's answers in Milindapanho or the Questions of Milinda.

The Indo-Greek rulers were the first one in the history of India, whose coins carried the portraits of kings and their names.

Before the Indo-Greek rulers, the coins in India did not carry names or portraits of the kings and also Indo Greeks were the first rulers who issued gold coins.

Their coins are known for the depiction of realistic and artistic portraits.
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