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What is Node Js?

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It is a free, open-source, cross-platform runtime environment that runs on JavaScript. Meant mainly for the server side, or client side, of a mobile application, it is a full-stack development environment that divides up tasks into fully separate “nodes.”

When people ask, “what are the advantages of Node.js,” its structure is the reason we give them. It is, after all, the primary reason why it was created, and a whole ecosystem of dedicated, open-source modules was created around it.

Whether you‟re developing apps for the iPad, iPhone, or Android, nodes are what makes this environment so useful to programmers. Because each task is separated into independent, separate node paths, tasks can run simultaneously and seamlessly together, without bogging down the server or using up too much capacity.

A Node refers to this as a “microservice” pattern, with each a selfcontained pathway to fulfill a particular service. It‟s an innovative way of breaking an app down into its smallest bits. But it‟s a very efficient way to handle mobile applications, which need speed, accessibility, and accuracy above all.

This chart represents how a typical application might be organized. See how everything is organized as a spoke off the core app programming? Functions like customer email, or shopping carts, or portal requests are given their own “node.” And those self-contained areas can run without interfering with each other, or the core application itself.

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