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Sunga Dynasty in short

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The last Mauryan king Brithadratha was killed by his commander-in-chief Pushyamitra Sunga in 185 BC. He did so on being disgusted with his ruler's policy of the so-called non-violence that stood in the way of his leading a campaign against the alien invaders who had occupied a big chunk of North-Wes

Consequences of Sunga rule

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# Hinduism was revived under the Sungas.
The caste system was also revived with the rise of the Brahmanas.
# Another important development during the Sunga reign was the emergence of various mixed castes and the integration of foreigners into Indian society.
# The language of Sanskrit gained more

End of the Sunga kings

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# Vasumitra’s successors are not clearly known. Different names crop up in several accounts such as Andhraka, Pulindaka, Vajramitra and Ghosha.
# The last Sunga king was Devabhuti. He was preceded by Bhagabhadra.
# Devabhuti was killed by his own minister, Vasudeva Kanva in around 73 BC. This es

Agnimitra the Sunga King

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# Was Pushyamitra’s son who succeeded him to the throne.
# His reign lasted from about 149 BC to 141 BC.
# By this time, Vidarbha broke away from the empire.
# Agnimitra is the hero of Kalidasa’s poem, Malavikagnimitram.
# His son Vasumitra succeeded him as king.

Pushyamitra Sunga in Sunga Dynasty

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# Pushyamitra Sunga was Brahmin army chief of Brihadratha, the last king of the Mauryas.
During a military parade, he killed Brihadratha and established himself on the throne in 185 or 186 BC.
# According to some historians, this was an internal revolt against the last Mauryan king. Some say it wa

After the Maurya Empire Rise of Sunga Dynasty

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After the death of Ashoka, the Mauryan Empire steadily disintegrated as his successors were not able to keep the vast empire from fracturing away. Independent kingdoms arose out of the provinces. Foreign invasions were occurring in the northwest. Kalinga declared its independence. In the South, the