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Pushyamitra Sunga in Sunga Dynasty

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# Pushyamitra Sunga was Brahmin army chief of Brihadratha, the last king of the Mauryas.
During a military parade, he killed Brihadratha and established himself on the throne in 185 or 186 BC.
# According to some historians, this was an internal revolt against the last Mauryan king. Some say it was a Brahminical reaction to the Mauryan overwhelming patronage of Buddhism.
# Pushyamitra Sunga’s capital was at Pataliputra.
# He successfully countered attacks from two Greek kings namely, Menander and Demetrius.
# He also thwarted an attack from the Kalinga king Kharavela.
# He conquered Vidarbha.
# He followed Brahminism. Some accounts portray him as a persecutor of Buddhists and a destroyer of stupas but there has been no authoritative evidence to this claim.
# During his reign, the Stupas at Sanchi and Barhut were renovated. He built the sculptured stone gateway at Sanchi.
# He performed Vedic sacrifices such as Ashvamedha, Rajasuya and Vajapeya.
# Pushyamitra Sunga patronised the Sanskrit grammarian Patanjali.
# According to the Puranas, his reign lasted for 36 years. He died in 151 BC.
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