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Is Newton's Third Law of Motion is incorrect

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Sir Isaac Newton who propounded the laws of motion. He gave his three laws related to motion. Two rules are correct for them but there is some inaccuracy in the third rule, so let's see what is it? Newton's third law was that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction, for example if we send a rocket from the earth to the sky, then the speed with which the rocket goes towards the sky or the amount of force it exerts upwards and the same The force pushes it towards the ground.

But I believe that sometimes there is a slight error in Newton's third law, so let us see when and where? In the explanation of Newton's third law, Newton said that if we walk on the ground, then the amount of force we apply towards the ground, the same force the ground exerts towards us, that is why we are able to walk on the ground. In this law Newton did not say about the density and properties of the reacting surface.

According to me, every action has an equal and opposite reaction but the reacting surface does not always exert a force equal to that of the reacting surface, it depends on the density and properties of the reacting surface.

For example - when we walk on the ground, we are able to walk because the ground is exerting the same force towards us as the force we are applying towards it, whereas if we try to walk in the swampy ground, we cannot walk, Because the density of swamp land is lower than that of normal land, its properties are different from that of normal land.

Second example - We sit on a wooden bench then we sit comfortably because wood also repels us with the same force as we sit on it. But when we sit on the sofa, we feel that the sofa has been pushed down, but this happened because the density of the sofa material is less than wood and it is not able to exert as much force as we are applying on it.

There are many other examples which prove my point. Like not being able to walk in water, not being able to walk in air etc. What I have mentioned above is my own opinion. With this I am not blaming anyone or proving anyone wrong, these are my own views which can be right or wrong. What do you think. Whether what I am saying is right or wrong, put your thoughts in the comment so that I can know how right I am. Thank you....

By Shyam Dubey
On 15th Jun 21.
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