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Science Equipments and their uses

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Audiophone	It is used for improving imperfect sense of hearing.

Audiometer	It measures intensity of sound.

Anemometer	It measures force and velocity of wind.

Ammeter	It measures strength of electric current (in amperes)

Altimeter	It measures altitudes and is used in aircrafts

Balometer	It measures heat radiation.

Binocular	It is used to view distant Objects

Barometer	It measures atmospheric pressure.

Barograph	It is used for continuous recording of atmospheric pressure.

Chronometer	It determines longitude of a place kept onboard ship.

Cardiogram	It traces movements of the heart, recorded on a cardiograph.

Carburetor	It is used in an internal combustion engine for charging air with petrol vapour.

Calorimeter	It measures quantity of heat.

Cinematography	It is an instrument used in cinema making to throw on screen and enlarged image of photograph.

Crescograph	It measures the growth in plants.

Cyclotron	A charged particles accelerator which can accelerate charged particles into high energies.

Dynamo	It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Dynamometer	It measures electric power.
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