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Significance of weathering to human life

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Weathering is the initial stage in the formation of soil.

It produces other natural resources, for instance, clay which is used for making bricks.

Another significance is weathering weakens rocks making them easier for people to exploit, for example, by mining and quarrying
This process is accountable for the fragmentation of the rocks into smaller fragments and making the way for the creation of not only soils and regolith, but also mass movements and erosion.

Biodiversity, and Biomes are basically a result of vegetation, and forests rely upon the depth of weathering mantles.

Erosion cannot be significant if the rocks are not weathered.

It means weathering aids erosion, mass wasting and reduction of relief and modifications in landforms are a result of erosion.

Weathering of rocks and deposits helps in the augmentation and concentrations of some valuable ores of manganese, aluminium, iron, and copper, etc. which have a great significance in the economy of the country.
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