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Facts about King Harshavardhana Ancient History

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King Harshavardhana was also known as Harsha. He was the son of Prabhakar Vardhana, the founder of the Pushyabhuti Dynasty or the Vardhana Dynasty. Harshavardhana is considered as one of the most prominent Indian emperors in the 7th century AD.  He built a huge empire that extended from north & northwestern India till the Narmada in the South. His capital was Kannauj. His reforms and policies were generous and were always aimed at boosting the peace and prosperity of his people.

Some points about Harshavardhana:

# Harshavardhana was born in 590 AD to King Prabhakaravardhana of Sthaneshvara (Thanesar, Haryana).

#He belonged to the Pushyabhuti also called the Vardhana dynasty.

# He was a Hindu who later embraced Mahayana Buddhism.

#He was married to Durgavati.

# He had a daughter and two sons. His daughter married a king of Vallabhi whereas his sons were killed by his own minister.

# King Harshavardhana deeds were praised by Chinese Buddhist traveller Xuanzang in his writings.
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