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Rise of Harshavardhana Empire

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#    After Prabhakara Vardhana died, his elder son Rajyavardhana ascended to the throne of Thanesar.
#    Harsha had a sister, Rajyashri who was married to king Grahavarman of Kannauj. Sasanka, the Gauda king killed Grahavarman and kept Rajyashri prisoner. This prompted Rajyavardhana to fight against Sasanka. But Sasanka killed Rajyavardhana.
#    This led the 16-year old Harshavardhana to ascend the throne of Thanesar in 606 AD.
#    He vowed to avenge his brother’s murder and also rescue his sister.
#    For this, he forged an alliance with Bhaskaravarman, the Kamarupa king. Harsha and Bhaskaravarman marched against Sasanka. Ultimately, Sasanka left for Bengal and Harsha became the king of Kannauj also.
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