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Rulers of Chalukya Dynasty

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# Jayasimha was the first ruler of the Chalukyas.

1. Pulakesin I (Reign: 543 AD – 566 AD)

#  Founded the empire with his capital at Vatapi.
# Performed Ashwamedha.

2.  Kirtivarman I (Reign: 566 AD – 597 AD)

# Son of Pulakesin I.
# Conquered Konkan and northern Kerala.

3. Mangalesha (Reign: 597 AD – 609 AD)

# Brother of Kirtivarman I.
# Conquered the Kadambas and the Gangas.
# Was killed by his nephew and son of Kirtivarman, Pulakesin II.

4. Pulakesin II (609 AD – 642 AD)

# The greatest of the Chalukya kings.
# Extended the Chalukya rule to most parts of the Deccan.
# His birth name was Eraya. Information about him is obtained from the Aihole inscription dated 634. This poetic inscription was written by his court poet Ravikirti in Sanskrit language using the Kannada script. Xuanzang visited his kingdom. He has praised Pulakesin II as a good and authoritative king.
Though a Hindu, he was tolerant of Buddhism and Jainism.
# He conquered almost entire south-central India.
# He is famous for stopping Northern king Harsha in his tracks while he was trying to conquer southern parts of the country.
# He had defeated the Pallava king Mahendravarman I but was defeated and killed by Mahendravarman’s son and successor Narasimhavarman I in a series of battles he had with the Pallavas.
# For the next 13 years, Badami remained under Pallava control.
# Pulakesin II received a Persian mission as depicted in an Ajanta cave painting. He maintained diplomatic relations with the # King of Persia Khusru II.
# His death saw a lapse in Chalukya power.

5. Vikramaditya I (655 AD – 680 AD)

# Son of Pulakesin II who plundered Kanchi, the capital of the Pallavas.

6. Kirtivarman II (746 AD – 753 AD)

# Great-great-grandson of Vikramaditya I.
# Last of the Chalukya rulers. Was defeated by the Rashtrakuta king, Dantidurga.
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