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Important Neolithic Sites Ancient History

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1. Koldihwa and Mahagara (lying south of Allahabad) – This site provides evidence of circular huts along with crude hand made pottery. There is also evidence of rice, which is the oldest evidence of rice, not only in India but anywhere in the world.

2. Mehrgarh (Balochistan, Pakistan) – The earliest Neolithic site, where people lived in houses built of sun-dried bricks and cultivated crops like cotton and wheat.

3. Burzahom (Kashmir) – The domestic dogs were buried along with their masters in their graves; people lived in pits and used tools made of polished stones as well as bones.

4. Gufkral (Kashmir) – This neolithic site is famous for pit dwelling, stone tools and graveyards in houses.

5. Chirand (Bihar) – The neolithic men used tools and weapons made of bones.
Piklihal, Brahmagiri, Maski, Takkalakota, 

6. Hallur (Karnataka) – The people were cattle herders. They domesticated sheep and goats. Ash mounds have been found.
Belan Valley (which is located on the northern spurs of the Vindhyas and middle part of Narmada valley) – All the three phases i.e., palaeolithic, mesolithic and neolithic ages are found in sequence.
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