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Partition of Bengal 1905

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The partition of Bengal in 1905 was one measure which created deep discontentment among the Indians, The province of Bengal, Bihar and Odisha was divided into two parts. The original province included western Bengal, Bihar and Odisha and the new province included Assam and eastern Bengal. Curzon pleaded that Bengal was too large a province and it was necessary to divide it to give it an efficient administration. The Indians resented it. They charged that the government desired to divide the Hindus and the Muslims and break up the spirit of Bengali nationalism, language and traditions of Bengal, The educated Indians protested against the partition. The Swadeshi movement, viz., the use of Indian goods and boycott of foreign articles began as a protest against the partition. Surendra Nath Banerjee, an eminent nationalist toured India to gain sympathy and support for the movement against the partition. The event inspired the national consciousness and the idea of organised popular movement began with the struggle against the partition of Bengal. But Curzon carried out his scheme and refused to annul the partition. Therefore, this measure let loose the worst feelings against Curzon among the Indians. The doubts of the Indians were not completely unfounded. Curzon had expressly stated that his one motive in partitioning Bengal was to create a Muslim-majority province. The new lieutenant governor of the new province, Sir Andrew Frazer had also declared that he had two wives—one Hindu and the other Muslim and the Muslim one was certainly more dear to him. Therefore, when the partition was revoked in 1911, the Indians felt that a serious injustice had been undone.

Thus, Curzon carried out many measures during the period of his rule. Certainly some of them were beneficial to the Indians but certain others created widespread resentment in India Besides, the primary motive of Curzon was not the welfare of Indians but the security of the British empire and the Indians did not fail to understand if. Besides, the language which he used and the arrogance which he exhibited as – member of ruling race injured the sentiments of the Indian people. Therefore, Curzon was one of the most unpopular governors-general of India.
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