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Achievements of Kushanas – Significance of the Kushana Empire

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# Sanskrit literature began to be developed during this time. The fourth Buddhist council was held in Sanskrit.
# Ashvoghosha is considered to be the first Sanskrit dramatist.
# During this time, three distinct schools of art flourished: Gandhara School in northwest India, Amaravati School in Andhra and the Mathura School in the Ganges valley.
# Trade prospered between India and China, and India and the Roman Empire.
# The Kushanas controlled large parts of the Silk Route which led to the propagation of Buddhism into China. It was during this time that Buddhism began to spread to Korea and Japan also.
# Many towers, Chaityas, towns and beautiful sculptures were built under the patronage of the Kushana kings.
# Kushanas were foreign invaders, to begin with, but they were completely Indianised in ways and culture.
# It is said that the Kushana period in Indian history was a perfect forerunner to the golden age of the Guptas.
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