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Chera Dynasty

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The Cheras were also known as ‘Keralaputras’ in the history. The Chera kingdom occupied the region of a narrow strip between the sea and the mountains of Konkan range.

Chera Kingdom
The Chera rulers also occupied high position in the history of south India. Nedunjeral Adan was a famous Chera king. He conquered Kadambas with his capital at Vanavasi (near Goa). He also defeated the Yavanas.

Nedunjeral Adan had a good relation with the Greeks and Romans who came in large numbers as traders and set up large colonies in south India.

Nedunjeral Adan fought a battle with the father of the Chola king Karikala. In this battle, both the kings were killed.

Nedunjeral Adan was called as Imayavaramban. The literary meaning of the term Imayavaramban is “one who had the Himalaya Mountains as the boundary of his kingdom." However, it seems to be mere exaggeration.

Sengutturan was the greatest king of the Chera dynasty as mentioned in the Chera tradition. He had defeated the Chola and the Pandya kings.

The Chera power declined at the end of the 3rd century A.D. They again acquired power in the 8th century A.D.

The important facts about the three early kingdoms of south India are −

They constantly fought with each other;

They made new alliances against the ones who became powerful; and

They also fought regularly with Sri Lanka and ruled there at some point of time.
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