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What are the Teachings of Jainism

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# Mahavira rejected Vedic principles.

# He did not believe in God’s existence. According to him, the universe is a product of the natural phenomenon of cause and effect.

# He believed in Karma and transmigration of the soul. The body dies but the soul does not.

# One will be punished or rewarded as per one’s karma.

# Advocated a life of austerity and non-violence.

# Stressed on equality but did not reject the caste system, unlike Buddhism. But he also said that man may be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as per his actions and not birth.

# Asceticism was taken to a great length. Starvation, nudity, and self-mortification were expounded.

# Two elements of the world: Jiva (conscious) and Atma (unconscious):
        1. Right faith
        2. Right knowledge
        3. Right conduct (observance of five vows)
             a) Ahimsa (non-violence)
            b) Satya (truth)
           c) Asteya (no stealing)
           d) Parigraha (no acquiring property)
           e) Brahmacharya (abstinence)
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