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Features of Samaveda

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# There are 1549 verses (except 75 verses, all have been taken from Rigveda).

# There are two Upanishads embedded in Samaveda – Chandogya Upanishad and Kena Upanishad.

# The Samaveda is considered as the root of the Indian classical music and dance.

# It is considered as the storehouse of the melodious chants.

# Though it has lesser verses than Rigveda, however, its texts are larger.

# There are three recensions of the text of the Samaveda – Kauthuma, Raṇayaniya and Jaimaniya.

# Samaveda is categorised into two parts – Part-I includes melodies called Gana & Part-II includes three verses book called Archika.

# Samaveda Samhita is not meant to be read as a text, it is like a musical score sheet that must be heard.
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