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Q. Which dynasty established first centralised bureaucratic empire

(A) manchu dynasty
(B) chou dynasty
(C) ming dynasty
(D) quin dynasty

Q. Which dynasty established local schools in China

(A) manchu dynasty
(B) tang dynasty
(C) ming dynasty
(D) chou dynasty

Q. Which nation first used their knowledge of magnetism

(A) syria
(B) britain
(C) china
(D) persia

Q. Which dynasty gave birth to inventions of paper money

(A) manchu dynasty
(B) ming dynasty
(C) tang dynasty
(D) song dynasty

Q. Which year Hundred Years war broke out in Europe

(A) 1337 c.e
(B) 1338c.e
(C) 1339c.e
(D) 1340c.e

Q. When did Magna Carta signed in England in the year

(A) 1218c.e
(B) 1217c.e
(C) 1216c.e
(D) 1215c.e

Q. The term Renaissance means

(A) rebirth
(B) feudalism
(C) humanism
(D) reformation

Q. Crusades was otherwise known as

(A) holy war
(B) hundred years war
(C) first world war
(D) second world war

Q. Steam Engine was invented in the year

(A) 1669c.e
(B) 1969c.e
(C) 1869c.e
(D) 1769 c.e

Q. Who invented Blast Furnace

(A) harun al rasheed
(B) alexius comnenus
(C) abraham darby
(D) peppin iii

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