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Q) How many days are in a leap year?

(A) 366
(B) 365
(C) 367
(D) 364
Correct Answer - Option (A)

In normal year there are 365 days. In Leap year, there are 366 days.

Q) Who is known as the Grand Old Man Of India? 

(A) Dadabhai Naoroji
(B) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(C) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(D) A O Hume
Correct Answer - Option (A)

Dadabhai Naoroji, (4 September 1825 – 30 June 1917) also known as the "Grand Old Man of India" and "Unofficial Ambassador of India".

Q) Change the voice :
I saw him leaving the house.

(A) Leaving the house he was seen by me
(B) He was seen leaving the house by me
(C) He had been seen leaving the house
(D) He was seen to be leaving the house
Correct Answer - Option (A)

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Q) Choose the opposite of the words in capital letters : STALE

(A) New
(B) Fresh
(C) Tasty
(D) Rotten
Correct Answer - Option (B)

Stale meaning in hindi बासा Opposite will be ताजा (Fresh)

Q) Choose the correct opposites of : Freedom

(A) Slavery
(B) Independence
(C) Dependence
(D) Authority
Correct Answer - Option (A)

Freedom means in hindi - स्वतंत्रता Slavery meaning in hindi - दासता Hence option (A) is correct.

Q) Choose the appropriate article to fill in blank :
She is …………. honour to her country.

(A) A
(B) An
(C) The
(D) None
Correct Answer - Option (B)

Use An before honour. Honour pronounciation starts with vowel so we will use An.

Q) Change the voice :
Don’t laugh at me.

(A) Let me be laughed at
(B) Let me be not laughed at
(C) I am laughed at
(D) Let me be not laughed
Correct Answer - Option (B)

This type of active passive voice comes under imperative sentences. So it would be. Let me be not laughed at.

Q) Fill in the blanks with appropriate Adjectives :
He is the ………….. of the two.

(A) Tall
(B) Taller
(C) Tallest
(D) None
Correct Answer - Option (B)

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