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Q. Who was called Great Khan

(A) charaka
(B) harun al rasheed
(C) adrian ii
(D) taizong

Q. Who was the last ruler of Zhou dynasty

(A) chihu vanti
(B) wu
(C) nero
(D) leo iii

Q. Name the Tang ruler who formed Academy of poets

(A) petrarch
(B) martin luther
(C) nero
(D) xuanzong

Q. Tang ruler Libai was born in

(A) 701 c.e
(B) 801c.e
(C) 901c.e
(D) 601c.e

Q. Tang ruler Bai Juyi was died in

(A) 876c.e
(B) 846 c.e
(C) 866c.e
(D) 856c.e

Q. Name the oldest surviving printed document of the Ming era

(A) indica
(B) decamoron
(C) diamond sutra
(D) arthasasthra

Q. Who was the founder of the Ming dynasty

(A) charlemagne
(B) nero
(C) constantine
(D) zhu yuanzhang

Q. Who was the Ming ruler Taizu who captured Beijing in the year

(A) 1368c.e
(B) 1378c.e
(C) 1379c.e
(D) 1389c.e

Q. Name the Ming ruler who captured Beijing

(A) justinian
(B) belisarius
(C) charles martel
(D) taizu

Q. Which was believed to be the most effective defensive against invasion in China

(A) great wall of china
(B) pyramid
(C) fahtehpursikri
(D) pisa

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