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Q. When did Muhammad of Qandahar led an army into Iran in

(A) 1622a.d
(B) 1722 a.d
(C) 1822a.d
(D) 1272 a.d

Q. Who was known as the Father of Modern Surgery

(A) vanghbhata
(B) susrutha
(C) abu-al-quasim
(D) charaka

Q. Who was known as the Father of Algebra

(A) nizam-ul mulk
(B) al-razi
(C) avicenna
(D) diophantus

Q. who was known as the greatest Arabic Alchemist

(A) ar-raz
(B) mohammad
(C) harun al rasheed
(D) abu bakr

Q. Who was the Persian physician who lived in Bagdad

(A) al-sfah
(B) ar-razi
(C) mohammad
(D) iltumish

Q. Who was known as Father of Modern Optics

(A) harun al rasheed
(B) abu bakr
(C) hassan ibn-al-haytham
(D) osman i

Q. When did Tang dynasty came to power in China

(A) 626a.d
(B) 672a.d
(C) 627a.d
(D) 618 a.d

Q. Who was the founder of the Tang dynasty

(A) li yuan
(B) charaka
(C) susruta
(D) vangbhata

Q. Who was the first Sui emperor

(A) mohammad
(B) li yuan
(C) osman i
(D) harun al rasheed

Q. When did Taizong seized the portion of Mangolia from the Turks

(A) 621c.e
(B) 620c.e
(C) 630 c.e
(D) 640c.e

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