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Indus Valley Sites and Specialties

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1. Seals out of stones
2. Citadel outside on banks of river Ravi

1. Great Bath, Great Granary, Dancing Girl, Man with Beard, Cotton, Assembly hall.
2. The term means ” Mount of the dead”
3. On the bank of river Indus
4. Believed to have been destructed by flood or invasion(Destruction was not gradual).

1. Bank of Indus river. – discovered by Gopal Majumdar and Mackey (1931)
2. Pre-Harappan culture – Jhangar Culture and Jhukar Culture
3. Only cite without citadel.

1. At Rajasthan on the banks of river Ghaggar, discovered by A.Ghosh (1953)
2. Fire Altars
3. Bones of camel
4. Evidence of furrows
5. Horse remains ( even though Indus valley people didn’t use horses).
6. Known as third capital of the Indus Empire.

1. At Gujarat near Bhogava river, discovered by S.R. Rao (1957)
2. Fire Altars
3. Beside the tributary of Sabarmati
4. Storehouse
5. Dockyard and earliest port
6. double burial
7. Rice husk
8. House had front entrance (exception).

1. Punjab, on the banks of river Sutlej. 
2. Discovered by Y.D Sharma (1955)
3. Dog buried with humans.

1. Haryana
2. On banks of lost river Saraswathi
3. Barley Cultivation.

1. Biggest site in India, until the discovery of Rakhigarhi.
2. Located in Khadir Beyt, Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. Discovered by J.P Joshi/Rabindra Singh (1990)
3. 3 parts + large open area for ceremonies
Large letters of the Harappan script (signboards).
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