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Rise of Kanishk | Kushana Empire

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This article will enlighten the Rise of Kanishk in Kushana Empire. I have tried to cover all the things in this article but some may be left. 

Kadphises II was succeeded by Kanishka. He was most known and greatest of all the Kushana kings.

Kanishka ascended to throne in A.D. 78 and he founded the Saka era.

Kaniskha ruled from A.D. 78-101.

Kanishka's empire extended from Khotan in the northwest to Benaras in the east and Kashmir in the north to Saurashtra and Malwa in the south.

Purushapur i.e. modern Peshawar was the capital of the vast empire of Kanishka.

The Coins of Kanishka had been found from almost all over the above mentioned area.

Kanishka was a follower of Buddhism. The 4th Buddhist council was held during Kanishka's reign.

Kanishka's court was adorned by the presence of scholars such as Parsva, Vasumitra, Ashvaghosha, Charaka, and Nagarjuna.

Taxila and Mathura emerged as the great centres of art and culture during the reign of Kanishka.

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